Change the Speed of Games and Windows with Asoftech Speeder

Asoftech Speeder is an award winning application which can change speed of the games. It can speed up or slow down the game, and adjust it to the speed you feel most comfortable with. It can speed up the game up to 256 times, or slow down it to 0.01 times. It can even control the speed of Windows applications. Asoftech Speeder doesn’t depend on any hardware, it changes the speed of games through this software only, so it doesn’t change any hardware configuration.


Asoftech Speeder Features

  • Easy to use- control the game speed through a slider bar, and click on Apply button
  • Adjust the speed of Windows games and online games in real time
  • Control application speed and Windows speed.
  • Speed up to 256 times, or slow down to 0.01 times
  • Hot key enables speed change anywhere, any time
  • Does not change any hardware configuration to control the speed

It is very easy to use and provides a slider bar for controlling the game speed. You can speed up your game faster to fire the gun faster or slow down it to take more time to react. Now you can have better control over the speed of the game you play or the speed of the application you work with. Asoftech Speeder is compatible with all versions of Windows. Download Asoftech Speeder for free trial or buy the full version now!


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