List of All Function Keys in Windows 7

Most of us may not familiar with the use of function keys though we have been working in computer for a long period of time. But these function keys are really helpful to make our work easy. This article contains a brief discussion over the usefulness of these keys in Windows7.

F1 (Help) :

All most all versions of Windows use this key as HELP. The key mostly open the help and support page which contains help over the current application and a brief note how to use it. In Windows 7 it opens windows help and support window, you can use it to get tutorial over different topic in Windows7.

F1 help

F2 (Rename File /Folder) :

The key is used to rename a file or folder in Windows 7, it is an addition in this version. Open any folder or file and press F2 key it will open the Save As window where you can rename your file/ folder.

F3 (search) :

It is used as search. It works as Google instance, instantly showing the options as you type in. It opens the explorer search to find any file in your system.

F4 (Select Address Bar, Show Folder Path):

The key selects the Address bar and you can type new URL if you are using Internet Explorer to browse the net. In windows explorer by pressing F4 you can see the Folder Path.

F5 (Refresh):

The F5 key as usual is used to refresh the web page or the Windows.

F6 (Toggle Element):

As we use the tab key to go one tab position to another, F6 cycles through all the elements in the active explorer window.

F10 (Display the menu bar)l:

The most useful menu bar is not displayed in the version of windows7, so the F10 key displays the menu bar.

F11 (Full Screen Mode):

Most programs support the full screen mode, so the F11 key is used to switch on to the full screen mode.

F7, F8, F9 and F11 keys are not assigned yet.


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